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I've been described as looking like a "sexy librarian", A description which I love.

I'm smart and work hard, but don't let that fool you. I can be a whole lot of trouble when I want to be and men know that they're in for something special when they get me. I'm 5'4", 130 lbs, with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I'm small chested, but I have an ass that won't quit. My bra size is 34A-36B, depending on the brand, and I wear a size small-medium panty. I'm kinky and open-minded, so don't be shy. If theres a product, service or add on that you are interested, just ask. Don't be shy because there's a good chance I will accommodate your request.

Hi, I'm Kaylee!

What I Sell & Pricing Details

  • Panties worn 24 hours: $20-$30 depending on the pair

  • Extra days: +$10.00 per day (up to 5 days total)

  • "Forgot" to wipe #1: +$5.00

  • "Forgot" to wipe #2: +$10.00

  • Cream pie/Post sex: +$10.00

  • Masturbation: +$5

  • Worked out in: +$10.00

  • Worn 2 days: $10.00 to $30.00 (See item for price of specific bra)

  • Extra days (up to 7 days total): +$5 per day

  • Worked out in: +$10

  • Ankle socks worn for 2 days: $15

  • Knee-highs/thigh-highs worn for 2 days: $20

  • Extra days (up to 7 days total): +$5.00 per day

  • Worked out in: +$10

  • Worn 24 hours:$20.00

  • No panties: +$5.00 

  • Extra days with panties (up to 5 days): +$5.00 per day

  • Extra days without panties (up to 3 days): +$10.00 per day

  • Masturbated in: +$5.00

  • "Forgot" to wipe #1: +$5.00

  • "Forgot" to wipe #2: +$10.00

  • Worked out in: +$10.00

  • Worn: $15.00 to $75.00

See specific Item. Prices vary depending on item.

  • The discount/sale price is already reflected in the price of the item.

  • I regularly add new items to the sale section and decrease prices on old items so keep an eye out!

  • Pricing for extras still applies regardless of the item.

  • Shorts: $15 to $25

  • Yoga pants: $20 to $50

  • Tees and Tanks: $10-$20

  • All workout attire will have been used for a 30-60 minute cardio workout. 

  • Additional workouts/days: +$10

  • No panties for shorts and pants: +$5

  • "Forgot" to wipe #1: +$5.00

  • "Forgot" to wipe #2: +$10.00

All orders come with 5 pics of me showing off the item for you! (Additional fees apply for custom requests and I NEVER show my face or do nudity!)

I'm also totally open to requests. So if there is a specific style, brand, or color of panties, socks, pantyhose, etc. that you would like me to wear for you, just ask. I'm open to most requests and it never hurts to ask. We can work together to make sure you're getting exactly what you want =)

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